Enjoy a Little Music With Your Meal

HPC piano musicWhen you join us for a meal, you get a little extra acoustic spice, courtesy of the finest pianists in Dallas. We provide live music for your listening pleasure, every day, seven days a week, during dinner and lunch.

We began our current music program about five years, ago, when our owner, Jeff  Snoyer, decided to restore the historic ambiance of Highland Park Cafeteria.

Jeff recognized that there were certain elements that had made the cafeteria special throughout the years: the home-style comfort food, the pictures of presidents, and the piano music that played during meals. He brought back the original HPC recipes (and some of the cooks!), re-hung the presidential photos (adding the first ladies this time), and revived the cafeteria’s tradition of live music.

Today, that music is an integral part of the dining experience at HPC. A revolving “menu” of nine professional pianists play each day during lunch and dinner, tickling the ivories of our gorgeous Kawai grand piano. It’s a popular perk for diners: Some customers even plan their meals around their favorite musicians.

Though their schedules change, several of the pianists have fairly regular gigs:

  • Al Cope usually plays on Friday evenings
  • Robbie Kraemer on Saturday evenings
  • Larry Petty on Wednesdays at lunch
  • Andrea Perry on Tuesday evenings (and several more dinners and lunches during the week)

Like Andrea, many of our other pianists perform at various times (you can call us to find out when they’re playing or see the calendar). These talented musicians include:

  • Brad Hanson
  • Peggy Rhea
  • Shirley Robinson
  • Jerry Stephens
  • Larry Willis

We’re very proud of all of our pianists, and are excited to highlight some of them in upcoming posts. If you can’t wait (we know we can’t), here’s a teaser:

  • One of our pianists played in a master class with world-renowned flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal.
  • One has several Grammy nominations under his belt.
  • Another began piano lessons as a child on advice from a family physician, who wanted her to strengthen motor skills in her hands and fingers.

Tune in to this post in the coming weeks to learn who the mystery pianists are, and to learn more about some of your favorite HPC musicians. In the meantime, come on down to the cafeteria, where you can listen to some of the best  performers in Dallas and have a little Beethoven with your beef stew, every day, during dinner and lunch.